Design Experiences


Bringing events to life is a team effort. Key players are the product owners, project managers, community managers, customer service, design team, and most importantly, the attendees.

Immersion Day

Aspiring entrepreneurs took a business bus tour which included an in-depth look at Coca Cola headquarters; examining how classic business structures manifest in real world products.

$1K1Day LIVE

Students learned how to scale businesses by structuring their products strategically. Normally a six-week online course, it was exciting to gather with over 150 of our students live.

Inherit Boardroom

During this boutique event for eight established CEOs, business owners practiced planning and pitching their next growth surge.

Design Management

Ultimately the goal of events is to create a community that keeps coming back. That community for Inherit was called “Yacht Club.” Below, Kristi, our Community Manager, sets the tone for our upcoming year.

Organizing & Planning

Bringing the event vision to life means extracting lists of needed collateral from the event scope and vision.

Backlog Scheduling

Ensuring all collateral is ready on-time means tasks need to be split up into dependent components and assigned to appropriate team members on a timeline of production.

Design & Production

During design & production, keeping product managers informed helps ensure that there are no surprises in the end product.

Designing Growth

Researching & Gathering

Step 1

Forming the backlog of necessary items from competitor analysis, client data, stakeholders, and brainstorming sessions.

Designing & Refining

Step 2

The designing stage is initiated with some experimentation—which morphs gradually into production through the refining process.


Step 3

Well served products that people need gain repeat business and referrals, which are one of the primary avenues of growth.

White Quote

I’d describe you as: Curious, thorough, creative, caring for teammates, highly collaborative, an eye for great user experience, an A player.

Erika Baker, COO Inherit Learning Company | Product Leader | Hubspot + Sales Loft Alumna