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Consultation Scope: Aid a small-business founder in finding high caliber vendors; and provide advisory services through the artistic process. Our aim was a cheerful and hopeful design aesthetic with a website that had the potential to grow to house other projects.

Client: Therese Griebel
Consultation: Jessica Moore
Branding and Web Design: Noble Creative
Banner & Brochure Design: Ahadul Hassan

Woman sits on the couch and looks at BetterWayz Website Design

Messages that make me smile: “A minute of your time is so valuable to me!” – Therese Griebel

Therese Griebel shows the BetterWayz End Table at the Abilities Expo

Graphic Package

New founders need a robust set of materials without breaking the bank. I wanted to put Therese in touch with designers who were talented and reasonably priced.

When working with talented vendors, it’s also important to provide the kind of feedback which helps them arrive at the targeted design quickly while respecting their artistic insight. I was so pleased at the way these designs turned out, and how her entire set was so cohesive and pleasant to look at.