Logo Design

Every logo is a unique animal. Each one of the logos below is inextricably unique and loved by the client. 

Romolo Logo
Better Wake-Up Call
Pizza Science
Whisk and Stir
Stargazer Farms
O'Nail- Hartman Insurance
Ann Carlton Event Planning
Acting Studio Chicago
Amore Cucina and Bar

Creative Direction

There are so many amazing designers in the world, I want to hire them all! The designers listed below are not only talented, but a pleasure to work with as well.

Better Wayz

Client: Therese Greibel
Consultation: Jessica Moore
Design & Branding: Noble Creative

Hope and clarity gives this brand flexibility to grow into its vision organically.

Byways Consulting

Client: Christina Deidesheimer via Eden Marketing
Jessica Moore
Design: Nik Williams

This personable logo was designed to reflect the freedom and joy of choosing the scenic route. 

Just Call Joe

Client: Joe Witnik
Direction: Jessica Moore
Design: Nik Williams

A hardworking contractor needs a cool, strong logo to stand out on yard signs and business cards.