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    Plant the seed of a new era.


    Your Personal Inventory

    The largest companies in the world hold keys to growth, but they’re not rocket science. Their simple principles can be applied to your life or your company to propel you in a new direction. Taking time to take a personal inventory of your skills, beliefs, and values helps you build your growth purposefully in a direction you love.

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    Your Current Holdings

    Capture the essence of who you’ve been to find out who to be next.

    Core Values

    Identify what you bring to the world.   

    Establish Your Goals

    Like a GPS, your goals set your destination and help establish the road to get there. 

    Raison D’étre

    Your Reason to Exist is your guiding light that helps you stay on the right path.

    Business Besties

    Create for the customers you love to work for.   

    Something Worth Shopping For

    Refine a product that customers are excited to buy. 


    Framework By Design

    A brand is so much more than looks; it’s strategically poised to help your customers get the information they need to purchase, save you time and money so you don’t have to redesign your look every time you create a new graphic piece, and create instant recognition everywhere—the internet, in stores, and wherever you show up—so people are constantly reminded of the the amazing products you offer.  

    Beat the Myths

    There are beliefs about branding that hold profit back. Branding isn’t just what makes things look pretty! Establishing a brand sets your business up for success by making everything you say more powerful.     

    Establish Your Archetype

    Clear communication helps your customer know what to expect from you. Whether you provide a laugh a minute or a deep dive into information, defining your archetype is proven to boost sales—because it helps the people who need you, find you.

    Use Your Voice

    Your friends all have their way of expressing themselves, and your company does too. These exercises help you consider your customer and your context in order to speak effectively in the places you’ll be. 



    Clear up your misconceptions about logos! Instead, arm yourself with your product, customer, archetype and voice to ensure that your primary symbol is a powerful representation of who you are and what you do. 

    Function of Fonts

    Did you think you just pick out pretty fonts? Just a few typography rules help orient your customer in every piece of information you create. Help your customers enjoy the experience of sifting through your information to get exactly what they want.  

    A Picture Says 1,000 Words

    And not just the picture itself! How is it filtered, stylized, and animated? You’ll learn how and where to get the images you need.    

    Get Into Growth

    Your Brand System

    Your branding is the face of your business. When people dramatically change their face, well it’s just weird. Define your brand so your face is the same wherever you show up and you’re instantly recognizable— on LinkedIn, Instagram, or the shelves at Target.      

    Your Information Highway

    Meet your customers where they are with the right information at the right time. In this section you’ll take a proactive stance to anticipate your consumer needs before they happen so that they can access the product they want.        

    Get Graphics!

    Whether you’re DIY or hiring an agency, get the graphics you need on the appropriate budget for your business. This unit helps you steer the graphics ship the direction you want by getting the right apps, right people, and right info where you need.        

    Images Create Impact 



    Get your hands on the graphics you need for growth. 

    several designs with fresh photos of growth on phone screens



    Get your hands on the graphics you need for growth. 

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