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My work with Roman Warmke, owner of Eden Marketing, was a flexible gig for a busy mom of three. Roman was a gracious project facilitator and taught me so many management skills by example. Though I’ve moved on to full-time endeavors, I will always hold my time freelancing for Eden Marketing in high regard. Below you’ll find just a few samples of the work that we did together. 

The Royales

A long time ago, but so much fun—I had total creative freedom on these 2010-ish band posters. 

Client: Roman Warmke, Eden Marketing & Bass Player for The Royales
Design: Jessica Moore

Royales Posters Design
Royales Cover
Go Bus Poster and Brochure Design

Go Bus

Getting a map exactly right is quite a trick. Every word needs to be comfortably placed in the space around it and the visual hierarchy is critical. Combine that with the diagonal design of the logo and visuals, and this poster and brochure posed quite a fun challenge.  I love the end result, with its sweeping rolling hills and energetic layout.

Client: Go Bus, via Eden Marketing
Design: Jessica Moore

Special Project

This was a fun little gif and visual challenge—to create this lightning from scratch. This was created in photoshop frame by frame. I’ve since learned After Effects, and looking back I’d love to add more glow! 

Client: Eden Marketing
Design: Jessica Moore

Ann Carlton Business Set

Ann Carlton

This business startup was intended to be especially aimed at brides preparing for their wedding day. Our client landed a 9-5 that trumped this project, but I’ve always loved this business set. 

Client: Eden Marketing
Design: Jessica Moore

The Jubach Company

A magazine layout, postcards, and real estate listing sheets were all created for the Jubach Company—a luxury log cabin builder and real estate agent in southern Ohio

Client: Sarah Jubach, via Eden Marketing
Design: Jessica Moore

Luggage Free Collateral Design

Luggage Free

I can’t even begin to represent the volume of work that we did for Luggage Free. The website was equipped with an intricate check-out page, blog, and destination guide. The welcome packet was designed to reflect vintage boarding passes with instructions, a custom envelope, magnet and a welcome letter.

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Client: Eden Marketing
Design: Jessica Moore