Logo Design | Project Scope

Congratulations! You’re ready to embark on designing a logo for your business. Please review the process below which will give you insight into pricing and what to expect. To get started, use the scheduling link below.


In this first stage of your logo process, we’ll work together to establish the vision for your logo.


Brand interview

This guided conversation gives you the opportunity to share any thoughts or ideas surrounding your logo. You’ll be asked questions about your ideal customer, your own prefences for design, font, and color, and also the solutions and benefits your product supplies to your customer. All of this information is taken into account as we embark on creating your new design.

Image Research

It’s important for your logo to stand out in a crowd. Image research investigates your competition in the local market, leaders in your field, and parallel businesses. All of this adds inspiration to fuel your logo design.

At each stage of the logo process, you’ll have a chance to review and revise progress. Your feedback is important, as it will shape the next stage.

Time Frame: 4 Business Days
Cost: $320


Your logo takes shape



Preliminary ideas are explored, and the strongest versions are prepared to share with you. To provide helpful feedback, you can use the following cues: 

  • Select your preferred sample design
  • Point out aspects of other samples that might be brought into that sample
  • Request other qualities—I’d like [this] to be [stronger, brighter, bigger, etc.] 


The final design is produced and revised to your satisfaction.

When getting feedback from friends and family, seek people who are constructive and business savvy. Avoid those who have a critical nature or those who are just quick to approve everything. 

Time Frame: 1 Business Week
Cost: $800


Creating and handing off your logo versions in formats you can use.



You will receive the following versions:

  • A standard version
  • A horizontal version
  • A black & white (if you will be xeroxing or laser printing)
  • Single color
  • Social Media Profile (square/round)
  • Full-Color

And the following formats:

  • png 
  • jpg
  • original graphic document 
  • pdf

Please save your logo in multiple places—on your hard drive, on an external drive, and in the cloud such as in your Google drive. Your logo will also be saved in our files, and you can always contact us for alternate versions.

Time Frame: 3 Business Days
Cost: $180


Total Time Frame: 3 Business Weeks
Total Cost: $1,300: Non-refundable deposit of $650 required to commence project. 
Complimentary Service: Business Card & Letterhead Design—Printing Cost Additional

Scheduling a design huddle enables you to either get started right away or discuss the scope of a logo design project. There is no commitment on your part until you initiate your deposit. We look forward to serving you!