Strategic Design


If you’re here, you must know that I’m a graphic designer, and you might know that I’ve recently taken on the title of Creative Director (woop! woop!). Between work, faith, and family, my plate is stacked; so I’m not taking on any new business right now. But if you have any questions feel free to ping me on LinkedIn. My favorite work topics are:

The Creative Process

Do you ever feel like your graphic needs cost a lot, go on forever, and never quite get where you want them to go? There are so many reasons for that, and my five step Creative Process can help! I’ve been doing graphic design and creative direction for fifteen years. Having worked with hundreds of clients, I’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t! There are key elements that make design beautiful, awesome, and functional, and these can be used by any creative team. Ask me about it, or sit tight, because I’ll be making this process available soon!

Strategic Communication

Websites, brochures, business cards, signage—they’re all designed to do one thing—and yet so many businesses miss the mark. You might think making your design prettier is what’s going to drive your message home; but that’s not actually it! You need your communication to accomplish goals, both for you and your customer. Companies grow exponentially when their product is solid and their messages work—and I love streamlining messaging. Seriously, I eat that stuff for lunch.

Ping me on LinkedIn if you’d like to hear more about this!

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